Semalt: How To Block A Website On Google Chrome In 14 Easy Steps

Whether your children spend many hours on certain web pages or you have encountered a website with lots of pop-on and banner ads, you may want to block the unwanted and offending websites from your Google Chrome. As you know that Chrome is a freeware browser developed and introduced by Google, it was first launched in 2008 for the Microsoft Windows users. Later on, Google Chrome was ported to the macOS, Android and Linux devices. Now, it serves as the primary platform for running web applications.

While surfing the internet, you may come across a lot of stupid and unwanted websites, which you can easily block with the third-party extensions. However, if you don't want to use those extensions, follow these 14 steps stipulated by Michael Brown, a top expert from Semalt Digital Services.

Step#1: Locate your web blocker:

Almost all web browsers have the Website Blocker extension. You should locate it in the Google Chrome to prevent suspicious sites from teasing you.

Step#2: Download an extension:

If you don't have any extension to block the unwanted sites, you can click on the Free option in Google Chrome's Settings and download the desired extension. Once downloaded, let this extension access your computer device.

Step#3: Navigate to that website:

The next step is to navigate to the website or blog you want to block in your Google Chrome.

Step#4: The web blocker icon:

In the fourth step, you should click on the blue-colored icon named as the Website Blocker. It is always present on the right side of your web browser.

Step#5: Allocate the time:

Here you have to enter the hours, days, weeks or months you may want to block the blogs or websites. The time should be entered in the Block This option and don't forget to allocate the time.

Step#6: Locating the blocked sites:

The next step is to locate the Block Site extensions in the list of search engine results.

Step#7: Download the desired extension:

Click on the Free option to download the desired extension to your Google Chrome. Don't forget to click on the Permission box, allowing the extension to perform a variety of tasks.

Step#8: The extension settings:

Now you should click on the Extension Settings option to get your extension loaded by the whole.

Step#9: Type the URL:

Go to the Block Site option and type in the URL you want to block. Don't forget to click on the Add Page button and continue blocking as many web pages as you want.

Step#10: Enable Authentication:

Go to the Enable Authentication area and check the mark that appears in front. Then you have to insert the password to block and unblock the website. Click on the Set Password option once you have chosen and inserted the desired password.

Step#11: StayFocusd:

In this step, you should locate the StayFocusd extension in Google search results.

Step#12: Download that extension:

Click on the Free option to download the desired extension to Google Chrome. Don't forget to allow it to make some changes in your browsing data.

Step#13: Navigating the site:

Then, you should navigate to the website you would like to block by entering its domain name in the browser.

Step#14: Advanced options:

You should click on the Advanced Options area that is meant to allocate time to a site you want to block. Don't forget to save the settings before closing the window.

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